How it works


When you sign up, the application will ask you for some information. You can decide which information you make public; It can be either visible data for everyone who gets into the application, or some private data that only those who ask for permission to see your profile can have access.

Collaboration data

Here you’ll be asked to indicate information such as:
How you can help, for example:
If you consider that you don’t have any time at all to help others, it’s alright, other women will help you anyway. We all need help at some point, and many of us have some free time for helping.

Invite people you know

Press this link and send it to the girls or ladies who you think could help you, or to those you would like to help.


From the list of women who can help you, you should select 10 favorite ones. Look at the ones you know, and you can trust, so when you face a problem, you will have them on hand.

If you don’t know any women on the list, you can use the link to invite women you know.

But, if you don’t know anyone, or you’ve just moved to where you live, you can invite a woman and before asking her for any favor, you can meet her to see whether you can trust her or not.


Each girl or lady, who received help or helped someone, can write an opinion; this facilitates the choice of other ladies or girls.